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Counties negotiate shared state's attorney

Posted 4/24/18 (Tue)

The McIntosh County Commission held three special meetings, two with the Emmons County Commission in Linton, last week to discuss a joint powers agreement for state's attorney.

Shortly after the unexpected death of longtime McIntosh County State's Attorney Terry Elhard in late November, the county entered into a joint powers agreement with Logan County and interim State's Attorney Isaac Zimmerman. Elhard had served as State's Attorney for 34 years.

The Commission has been satisfied with Zimmerman's performance, however, the workload has been formidable.

"He's overwhelmed with all the work he's doing," said McIntosh County Commissioner Neil Meidinger at Friday's special meeting at the McIntosh County Courthouse in Ashley. Afterward, Meidinger and Commissioner Perry Turner headed to Linton for another meeting on the issue.


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