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Gas prices highest since 2014

Posted 5/08/18 (Tue)

Gas prices highest since 2014

The national gas average of $2.81 is 43 cents higher than last year and the loftiest price per gallon since November 2014. That year, pump prices averaged $3.34, peaking at $3.70 in April and bottoming out at $2.25 in December. This year’s pump prices will not be reminiscent of 2014, but motorists are beginning to take notice of the higher prices, according to AAA.

In North Dakota, the statewide average is 14 cents less than the national average, according to AAA’s daily gas price survey. At $2.67, the price is 33 cents higher than one year ago. The Fargo metro average stands at $2.47, which is the 8th cheapest metro average in the nation. In Wishek, Curt’s Service was priced 2.70 for 10 percent ethanol gas.

In Ashley Willie’s Service was at 2.71 last week.


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