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Volunteer spirit alive and well in Wishek

Posted 3/20/18 (Tue)

 The Wishek Association of Commerce Flower Basket Program is alive and so is city spirit.
 It didn't take long for volunteers to be rounded up to keep the popular program going.

As part of the Association's beautification and community pride effort, decorative flower baskets adorn utility poles in the city each summer, but because it is expensive to contract employees to water the plants daily and, said Association President Kelly Brown, hard to find volunteers, she appealed this month to the Wishek City Council for help.

Last year, the Association paid a family $1,775 in labor to water four days a week. The rest of the days were covered by Association members.

After the request was denied by the city council, Association board member Mike vanGorkom took the lead and organized numerous businesses, private individuals and Association board members to cover 18-20 weeks of watering. Each Association board member will take on a week of watering.


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