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Wishek leads county to 12 percent taxable sales and purchases gains in 2017

Posted 4/03/18 (Tue)

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger last week released both the 2017 fourth quarter and the 2017 annual taxable sales and purchases reports. The calendar year 2017 taxable sales and purchases totaled $17.9 billion, a 3 percent increase from the $17.3 billion total in 2016.

“The modest 3 percent taxable sales and purchases growth in 2017 is a good indicator that our economy is doing well and continuing to improve after the numerous decreases we’ve seen reflected in past reports,” Rauschenberger stated. “These types of increases are more in line with the growth trajectory we traditionally see in North Dakota.”

Rauschenberger added that these reports provide a good indication of resurgence in the oil producing areas of the state.

Taxable sales and purchases for October, November and December 2017 totaled $4.77 billion, an increase of 7.19 percent over those months in 2016.

McIntosh County recorded an 8.9 percent fourth quarter increase from $6.6 million to $7.2 million. Logan County had a 31.2 percent spike in the same time frame, up from $2.3 million to $3 million in taxable sales and purchases.


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