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Items from 2013 celebration go into capsule

The Ashley 125th Committee buried a time capsule Sept. 9 at the McIntosh County Heritage Center.

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Oktoberfest is coming up soon

The Ashley Chamber of Commerce and the Sizzling Summer Days Committee have joined forces to celebrate the community’s German Russian heritage on Saturday, October 1, with the second-annual Ashley Oktoberfest.

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Protesters force bulldozers off sacred site

Protesters force bulldozers off sacred site

An estimated 300 activists halted construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline during a Saturday protest.

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Council says no to shipping container request

While shipping containers have been plunked down around Ashley, only one person has sought the necessary building permit from the Ashley City Council.

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Pool provides comfort during heat wave

Pool provides comfort during heat wave

Children escaped the oppressive heat last week during swimming lessons held each day at the Ashley Swimming Pool.

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Tri-County Tourism Alliance to visit Ashley

The Tri-County Tourism Alliance, which includes McIntosh, Emmons and Logan counties, is promoting the area’s heritage with a July 21 visit to Ashley.

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AMC Announces major technology upgrades

Ashley Medical Center has made more than $400,000 in medical advancements in recent months.

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